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A Bloomberg das Empresas

The Bloomberg of Companies

In last month's EXAME PME magazine, Ignacio Garcia, anthropologist and founder of Tree Intelligence, talked about the company and how our knowledge discovery platform, Living Nethos, works. Check out the article: “The Bloomberg of Business” ...
Você sabe o que são as Comunidades Digitais de Prática?

Do you know what Digital Communities of Practice are?

Communities of Practice or CoPs are groups of people and organizations that interact and share interests, concerns, and passion for something and seek to increase and disseminate their perceptions as interactions occur. These communities are also present in the ...
Redes de influência

Influence networks

In the hyperconnected era, influencers make use of different web platforms to disseminate information, knowledge and opinions on specific topics. Currently there is no single channel of communication, but also the same actor can share ideas ...
Como identificar e envolver facilitadores em processos de fusão

How to identify and involve facilitators in merger processes

The existence of informal networks in any company is undeniable. They form in the bonds of empathy and trust established between colleagues and are strengthened in the flows through which circulates the information relevant to the results achieved at the end of a ...
O que é Storytelling?

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of storytelling, and thus defined, has existed since ancient times. It has been a form of expression and transmission of knowledge: in cave paintings, oral narrations of indigenous cultures, songs of minstrels and ...


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