Tips for managing Gen Y employees

geracaoyGeneration Y hit the job market a few years ago (authors claim that it is people born between 1980 and 2000 and others who are between 1981 and 1999). Even so, the way it was created is so different from Baby Boomers and Generation X that you need to analyze their behavior and way of working.

Generation Y was created by loving parents, had a structured life and contact with various people. Consequently, at work, they enjoy teamwork and want to make friends with their colleagues. Another feature is being positive and active, enjoying challenges and expecting feedback from those actions.

Gen Y employees want to know exactly what it takes to get there, so check out our tips for getting the best out of them:

Have leadership

Gen Y wants to learn from you and get feedback. You also want to dive into projects and know their scope, not just be a piece of gear. Get organized to teach and train and be aware of this commitment when hiring.

Provide structure

Work needs to be organized: reports delivered monthly, daily scheduled activities, meetings need to be scheduled, and goals clearly defined. Also clarify all assignments and success factors.

Encourage confidence and positive attitude

Generation Y was born to face the world because their parents said they could. Encourage them to do their best and do not force or contain them.

Encourage Teamwork

Generation Y employees like to be in a team, and that's a plus for your company.

Listen to your employee

People of this generation expect to be heard as their parents have shaped their lives around their activities. Of course the company doesn't have to be patronizing, but they have opinions and ideas and can't stand to be ignored. Plus, of course, you can benefit from the creativity and willingness to “show that you know” this generation.

Challenges and changes

Young people of this generation get easily bored and don't think twice about getting something else to do. Deliver the changes and challenges within your own company.


They watch television, tweet, talk and listen to music at the same time. At work, they will be able to talk on the phone while sending email and SMS without losing their concentration. So that they don't get bored, create weekly goals and tasks that must be accomplished.

Technological and related

They also know all about technology, both computers, mobile phones and electronics in general. Remember to leverage these skills and leverage the networking of these people to capture for the company.

Balanced life

Gen Y values time with family and friends. Baby Boomers worked 60 hours a week, but the Ys won't do it, but that doesn't mean they don't work hard for the company. Keep in mind that leisure activities are also important for this generation.

Nice workplace

Google is these young people's dream come true, because their workplace is a real amusement center. Your business doesn't have to be that way, of course, but it will make a difference if you always organize events, hikes, barbecues, so your employees can interact with each other.

Of course, the Generation Y employee profile is general, but these tips can help your company's Human Resources department and team management get the best out of this generation.


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