Free Organizational Network Analysis Guide Leads Leaders on Interconnectivity Challenges

tapa_forwebSeeking to contribute to the continuing education of executives and the orientation to better results, Tree Intelligence launches its first guide from a range of reference materials in the area of knowledge discovery.

A Guide for Business Leaders of the Interconnectivity Era It is an objective publication that addresses essential topics in a challenging scenario due to the constant change within today's business structures. If you are looking to drive revenue, get closer to customers, and increase your sales, the solution must start at the bottom, within the company itself.

For this, the Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) It is the key process for unraveling informal networks that emerge from the institution's formal organization chart. They bring with them a strong potential for information circulation that, depending on leadership orientation and achievement, can positively or negatively impact team productivity and complex business processes such as large-scale change and PMI.

Contents covered by the guide:

* What exactly is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)?
* Formal Organization Chart x Informal Network
* How to Expand Results with Organizational Network Analysis
* Increase top line results through innovation
* Gain in sales results through increased customer connectivity.
* Process and productivity improvements through collaboration and strategic alignment
* Large Scale Change & PMI
* Keeping your best talent

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