Influence networks

In the hyperconnected era, influencers make use of different web platforms to disseminate information, knowledge and opinions on specific topics. Currently, there is no single channel of communication, but also the same actor can share ideas on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, etc.

On these platforms, people share information, knowledge and opinions, which allows them to become referrals on a specific topic. In a way, we can say that the influence of these actors has to do with how they link their networks. But how do you measure its real influence on the online world?

First, we must say that the entire network of influence is primarily a communication network. Without communication, there is no influence. Therefore, an actor's influence can be thought of as the level of connectivity he has in his communications network.

Second, any online influence network depends on an actor's web visibility.

A person can be highly influential in academia, but have zero visibility on the web (doesn't use social platforms, doesn't have a personal blog, or is mentioned in mass media). These people do not communicate in the online world, so they cannot have influence. In such cases, we say that this person has a high offline influence, but no online influence.

Finally, it is worth clarifying that we should not confuse an online network of influence with a virtual community. The virtual community is for all users of social platforms that communicate with each other. But only a small part of this community consists of influencers. This minority but influential group we call small-world influencers.

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