What Gartner Says About Big Data

bigdata_forwebA recent Gartner report points out that 64% of US companies are developing or planning big data projects. But most still don't know what to do with so much information, let alone what to extract from this large data set. According to the report Big Data Adoption in 2013 Shows Substance Behind the Hype, Big Data is past the hype stage for companies to start investing in real projects. In 2012, 27% of organizations invested in projects in the area and 31% thought to do so in the coming years. Already in 2013, this number rose to 30% and 34%, respectively. This is a significant leap forward that represents confidence in this information to improve the customer experience (54% said it drives motivation), to improve process efficiency (42%) and to launch new products or business models (39%). .

But the main problem for these American business owners that may also occur in Brazil is understanding, after all, what Big Data is and how to make it work. To this question, 56% answered that determining how to value Big Data is the biggest challenge; 41% defined the strategy, while 34% considered obtaining the skills and abilities needed to apply the accumulated information.

Just not knowing what to do with Big Data doesn't mean these companies are incompetent. They probably just got excited about the big data hype before they were mature enough to go the right way. The truth is that when the biggest challenge is getting value from the collected data, you need to stop to review what is happening.

How to use big data?

Challenges for companies that want to work on their Big Data include data capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis and visualization. This trend arises from the need to compare smaller datasets that can be correlated and allow for clearer reading. Two tips for when your business starts messing with Big Data:

  1. Go slow

The idea is fantastic, but the beginning has to be modest. Businesses that want the benefits of this information should start slowly. Analyze a business area or use information from a project. Predictive intelligence, for example, can be used in many areas, and you can start by choosing one of them. Learn more here.

  1. Invest in experienced consultants or partners

Find a consultant or partner who can learn about Big Data and run the project. This person will ask the right questions for the business context and what you can learn from the data to get real results. Big data will only work if you know what you want to extract from it and what you hope to achieve.

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