Your best employees will resign in 2014

According to a CareerBuilder survey, people are more likely to resign this year because they are dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities in the company or think they are not being taken advantage of.


3,008 US workers were interviewed to find out if they would change jobs in 2014, what they value most in the workplace and what keeps them in the organization. The research was done in the United States, but can be used as a yardstick for the Human Resources department of Brazilian companies to create incentive programs to retain their best talent.

The survey shows that while 59% of employees are generally satisfied at work, 21% think about changing jobs this or next year. Who wants to stay, 54% said they “like the people they work with”, 50% because they balance work and personal life well, 49% said they were satisfied with their benefits and 43% were satisfied with their salary. Other common reasons that make them want to be in the same place are: uncertainty in the job market, a quick trip, a good boss, and appreciation at work.

But who wants to change jobs? According to the survey, those who are dissatisfied are more likely to find a new job this year. Here in Brazil this is easy to do especially in areas where skilled labor is lacking. Of the 21% who said they were dissatisfied, 58% plan to change jobs this year. And they are unhappy because they do not earn as much as they would like, according to 66% of the answers and because they do not feel valued, according to 65%.

Other reasons that make people think about changing jobs this year are: dissatisfaction with the opportunity for growth in the current company (45%), dissatisfaction with the balance between social life and work (39%), others feel undervalued underemployed (39%), highly stressed people (39%), who have a negative opinion about their boss's performance (37%), who feel ignored for a promotion (36%), who has worked for two years or less in the company (35%) and who had no salary increase in 2013 (28%).

“Not recognizing what's important to employees can translate into more job dissatisfaction, lower productivity and higher volunteer turnover,” says Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder VP of Human Resources.

The way out for companies to keep their employees is simple, but it requires HR effort: you need to have performance appraisal programs, bonuses, awards, performance goals, job plans, etc. Generally those who think of leaving and may miss the most are their best employees. We already wrote a article to help companies retain their best talent.

What does your company do to maintain its teams? Share with us.


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