LivingNethos® and its verticals, LivingStakeholders, LivingInfluencers and LivingTeamwork, are the online platforms for mapping, monitoring and managing complex networks

From discovering the informal communication networks within organizations to monitoring the narratives that circulate in the networks of stakeholders, LivingNethos®, and its verticals LivingStakeholders, LivingInfluencers and LivingTeamwork helps your organization to understand and navigate across complexity.

Browse connections in the Network Module
  • Build networks of entities such as: individuals, organizations, government, social media accounts and concepts
  • Navigate through their connections such as: co-working, co-authorship, following, mentions, replies, financing and cognitive affinity
  • Identify relationship patterns: clusters, coalitions and communities of practice
  • Measure network influence and viralization capacity
  • Create complex segmentations and what if scenarios
  • Dive into specific profiles
  • Collaboratively register and share insights and actionables

Visualize opportunities and risks with the Matrix Module

  • Combine complex variables on the same chart to quickly have access to insights
  • Represent and understand the perceived risks versus the technical risks emerging from the network
  • Cross the online and off-line influence of your stakeholders and define the best strategy

Monitor what your stakeholders are talking

  • Identify who is speaking on the topics most relevant to your organization
  • Follow the performance of influencers and find new ones
  • Apply filters by date, topic and media

Online platform for mapping, monitoring and collaborative management of multi-stakeholder networks, integrating online and off-line sources.

Recommended for the areas of Risk Management, IR & Gov and Corporate Communication.   

LivingTeamwork is the online platform that makes mapping and analyzing organizational networks simple, fast and intuitive.

Recommended for professionals in Human Resources, Development and Organizational Transformation who wish to conduct analysis of organizational networks themselves.

LivingInfluencers is an online platform that provides interactive reports and dynamic dashboards on relevant sectors and strategic topics.

Recommended for Influencers Marketing, Branding, Digital Communication, Government Relations, Innovation and New Business.


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