Strategic Knowledge Discovery in the Age of Interconnectivity

We always live in Social Networks, from the small nomadic hunter-gatherer groups (99% of our existence) to the (very) recent Global Digital Age village.

The recent mobilizations in Brazil bring the relevance of the use of Social Media in the present times, in which the speed of propagation, interconnectivity and the volume of available information has never been so great. 

In the business context, the current scenario poses the enormous challenge of navigating the complexity of the business ecosystem and its complex relationship networks, with the goal of discovering strategic knowledge that supports better decision making in a short time.

How to deal with the current data explosion, Big Data, and how to rely on the quality of interpretation for strategic decision making?

To address this contemporary concern, we need to use new and old data exploration and exploitation techniques wisely, extract strategic knowledge of the sea from untapped internal and external information, and integrate analysis of online and offline environments once that borders are increasingly porous and interconnected.

Sailing is necessary! And to help organizations navigate this complexity, Tree Intelligence has developed a pioneering methodology - the fruit of integrating the latest advances in Network Science, Netnography and Artificial Intelligence - to collect, process and interpret large amounts of structured and unstructured information by extracting Strategic knowledge for decision making.

We invite you to know our approach, which has had the privilege of being applied in organizations such as: Natura, Vivo, Braskem, Estácio de Sa, Gsk, Poliservice, Alphawork, among others. 

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