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Uma visão antropológica das redes sociais

An anthropological view of organizational networks

In a business ecosystem increasingly complex, hyperconnected and very unstable, the innovation has become the panacea which organizations are urged to adapt. Without entering into the discussion about the correct definition of innovation, in this article we consider that within the "Interconnected Era", innovation no longer depends on individual geniuses and eurekas to be an emergent property of collaborative social networks, in all its development and diffusion process.

Life Cycle Assessment, Gestão de Riscos e Monitoramento de Stks

Life Cycle Assessment, Risk Management and Monitoring of Stakeholders

É uma técnica de análise que permite avaliar os impactos ambientais associados a todas as fases da vida de um produto ou serviço (Muralikrishna e Manickam 2017), desde a obtenção de matérias primas até o seu descarte. A quantificação dos impactos por fase, permite identificar as áreas onde as empresas devem concentrar esforços para economizar recursos naturais, entre eles a água, e diminuir a emissão de gases de efeito estufa, entre outras questões.

Os desafios de gerir a Organização Remota

The challenges of managing the Remote Organization

Remote work. What until a few months ago was one of the main trends in mobility at work, today it has become a forced and globalized reality that puts HR Managers in an unprecedented situation and of extreme responsibility for the subsistence of organizations. A dystopian world with cities without people passing by and empty commercial buildings contrasts with homes, the vast majority, not designed to unite what anthropologists call "working time" (professional) with "leisure time" (personal / family).

Entenda por que as empresas querem descobrir quem são seus influenciadores internos

Understand why companies want to find out who are their internal influencers

Check here the interview of Tree Intelligence CEO, Ignacio García, for the business website, addressing the importance of mapping informal collaboration networks to identify who are the real influencers within organizations, how teams are organized to carry out their tasks and how informal communication flows across the company.


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