What leaders need to do with their best talents

Losing the company's best talent to the competition is not acceptable. Just remember the work involved in recruiting, training and training these professionals and you get the idea that it is much smarter to invest in retaining the best talent rather than constantly training professionals.

But how to keep your best talents?

Great talents want to grow and have more challenges every day. Let's consider two scenarios: in the first one is the professional who did an internship or trainee in the company and you graduated. If this talent is not constantly stimulated, you may be bored and want to look for new opportunities. In another case, you conquered this person precisely because they no longer had challenges in their previous job. And of course this can also happen now.

It is therefore essential to maintain interest in your talents by challenging their ability and arousing that feeling that they can make the most of themselves.

Some of the best professionals will want to move up and if they see that there is no job plan or something to get to the top, they will consider employment a ladder to something better elsewhere.

You can meet this need for growth by assigning roles that increase their performance, such as offering the opportunity to be a project leader, for example. In other cases, recognizing and rewarding work done is an important action. But of course you need to evaluate and recognize who really brings the results.

To satisfy those who want to grow professionally - not just hold positions - you can:

Give support

If you have great results from their work, support them, make their work easier, and then you will see their productivity and satisfaction increase.

Listen to your ideas

Those who really know the routine at work, the difficulties and can point out occasional improvements are the employees themselves. Managers have an overview and are not always involved with the process, so listen to suggestions from those who want to improve the process and be involved. In addition to work evolving, your talent will feel valued.

New areas

New airs always renew the environment and putting the challenger in a new place, area or project can be inspiring. Remember to evaluate your characteristics and skills when making this decision. Another necessary caution is not to embezzle the previous team, after all, there is no use stimulating their professional and collapse the team that was behind.


He is such a good professional that he could pass some of his knowledge on to others, right? This increases your sense of responsibility as well as recognizing your talent and contributing to the performance of other colleagues.

Know how to identify

Lastly, pay attention to that person who completes everything quickly, finishes work well before the deadline and nothing goes wrong. It is precisely she who can get bored and pursue new challenges. Let your company offer this within its own operation! Ideally, that person's manager is also a great talent, or you won't extract everything from that person. Keep an eye out: The opposite of great talent is that person who only looks for 'status' and that profile only stifles those looking for challenges and results. Retaining employees in this scenario is tricky, so keep an eye out.


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