Tips on Keeping Your Best Employees

Most people have thought about or will consider changing jobs someday. But what would keep them in business, or rather what could be done to persuade the good employee to stay? How could the organization show recognition? With benefits, perks or more flexibility?


Career Builder research last year in the US shows Americans' preferences and can shed light on companies struggling to retain their talent here in Brazil.

The survey was conducted with 2,611 Human Resources professionals and 3,991 employees to find out what they value in the workplace and what convinces them to stay in business.

The majority (70%) answered that raising salary is the best way to retain talent and, for 58%, is to have better benefits. Having flexible hours (51%) can also persuade a person to stay, as well as recognition, with cash and travel awards (50%).

Investing in qualification and paying for education also weighs on the employee's decision. Some perks are differential, according to 26% of professionals, such as having the casual day and releasing the use of jeans (18%). Investing in the place and making available items such as gym (20%), rest room, massage, games and cup, for example, are other benefits well evaluated.

An important item where employers may be making mistakes is to value the job or job function, as 55% of respondents said the title was not an important factor in getting them to stay or leave. For them, the most important thing is salary, flexibility, the ability to make a difference and have a challenging job.

It is essential that companies take these factors into account if they want to keep their talents motivated and willing to grow with the company. According to Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder VP Human Resources, “It is critical that companies regularly take workplace temperatures and conduct employee surveys to identify where the company stands out by providing a positive employee experience, as well as opportunities to improve ”.

What does your company do to retain talent? Does the above data help you develop a plan to retain your best employees? Share your experience in the comments.


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