Big Data in the service of the fight against cancer

oncologia_computadorThe company Flatiron Health, dedicated to structuring Big Data in oncology, announced the purchase of Altos Solutions, software engineering company for cancer treatment centers. The acquisition was made possible by Flatiron's $ 130 million investment from angel investors and funds such as Google Venture.

Currently, between 500 and 1,000 oncologists use Flatiron's data to find cases similar to those of their patients and, thus, have a more accurate and comparative view on the evolution of diseases. Altos has more than 1,300 oncology clinics using its software to diagnose, treat and manage patients' battle with cancer.

Software as a drug

Among the greatest achievements that the synergy of these companies should bring is that, in addition to consulting the databases, doctors will be able to enter information about their own patients, thus creating a kind of medical record through which to monitor the health status and protocols adopted. This use of the combined platforms and services between the two companies should further enhance the universe of source data applied to research on new cancer treatments.

Flatiron itself proposes the mission to fight cancer with technology. So they use their OncoAnalytics to organize BigData and make it useful for doctors and scientists.


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