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‪#‎LivingNethos‬: Informações & Análise

# LivingNethos: Information & Analysis

Discover networks, timelines, wordclouds, maps, and more. Information visualization: Transform data into dynamic networks, timelines, Word clouds, maps, and more. Analytics: Target your audience with multiple filters and test resilience and ...
‪#‎LivingNethos‬: Informações & Análise

# LivingNethos: Data Connectivity

Gather it in one place via internal and external connectors Data Import: Accepts structured and unstructured data files in various formats. Data can be loaded directly into the platform or imported from other tools (Excel, Open ...
‪#‎LivingNethos‬: Informações & Análise

Tree Intelligence Institute Opening Day

There is a wide range of services for turning big data (BigData) into visual information (Infovis) and strategic knowledge (KnowledgeDiscovery). However, in the Information Age (Overload), providing context and meaning is essential to ...
‪#‎LivingNethos‬: Informações & Análise

LivingNethos release

“LivingNethos will be launched at #WebSummit Dublin 2015 November 3-5. WebSummit is the most important startup meeting on the planet. LivingNethos was designed by # TreeIntelligence co-founder Ignacio Garcia Zoppi and developed by a team of ...


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