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O poder das Comunidades na Era Digital

The power of Communities in the Digital Age

Drag queens, graffiti artists, weekend swimmers, musicians without a band, slackline practitioners, retrogamers.
These are some of the characters from the “Somos (We are)” exhibition, which was on display at the Tomie Ohtake Institute (SP) in partnership with Facebook. The exhibition brought together a series of beautiful portraits, taken by photographer Bob Wolfenson for Facebook's first global campaign aimed at its consumers. But the question that arises is: why are all these people there, occupying two rooms in this important space of art and culture in the city of São Paulo?

Natura Tododia – Campanha Verão

Natura Everyday – Summer Campaign

CHALLENGE: The launch of a new line should strengthen the movement led by the brand to value the beauty and self-esteem of women. But in order for the campaign to be genuine, it was essential to bring in influential advocates.


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