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Big Data: vale a pena criar uma equipe?

Big Data: Is it worth building a team?

Given the enthusiasm that companies in different segments arouse regarding the use of BigData to expand business and profitability, it is natural that many executives wonder: would not be the case to internalize this effort with the formation of a department of ...
Big Data: vale a pena criar uma equipe?

Use big data to retain your best talents

Your employees may be planning to leave the company this year and - worse - your best talents may be among them. We have already covered CareerBuilder's research that shows this trend. In the survey were interviewed 3,008 American workers and, of these, ...
Big Data: vale a pena criar uma equipe?

What Gartner Says About Big Data

A recent Gartner report points out that 64% of US companies are developing or planning big data projects. But most still don't know what to do with so much information, let alone what to extract from this large data set. According to the Big ...
Big Data: vale a pena criar uma equipe?

Tips for managing Gen Y employees

Generation Y hit the job market a few years ago (authors claim that it is people born between 1980 and 2000 and others who are between 1981 and 1999). Even so, the way it was created is so different from Baby Boomers and Generation X, that it's necessary ...


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