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Big Data a serviço do combate ao câncer

Big Data in the service of the fight against cancer

Flatiron Health, a company dedicated to structuring big data in oncology, announced the purchase of Altos Solutions, a software engineering company for cancer treatment centers. The acquisition was made possible by an investment of 130 million ...
Big Data a serviço do combate ao câncer

Tips on Keeping Your Best Employees

Most people have thought about or will consider changing jobs someday. But what would keep them in business, or rather what could be done to persuade the good employee to stay? How could the organization show recognition? With benefits, perks or ...
Big Data a serviço do combate ao câncer

What leaders need to do with their best talents

Losing the company's best talent to the competition is not acceptable. Just remember the work involved in recruiting, training and training these professionals and you will have an idea that it is much smarter to invest in retaining the best talent in ...
Big Data a serviço do combate ao câncer

Cancer Hospital innovates in psychoactive care

A hospital in São Paulo, dedicated to treating children with cancer, has innovated in treating its patients' emotional weaknesses. In April this year, developed a doll that stores and plays voice messages sent by family and friends via ...


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